Spring 2021 Events

Reading Seminar: Martin E. Rosenberg

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Bifurcation During Jazz Improvisation: From Aesthetics to Micropolitics

Previously, Rosenberg has described how jazz musicians (1945-60) learned to exploit cognitive bifurcations in melody, harmony, harmonic rhythm and percussive rhythm, which proved central to Be Bop's accelerating improvisational and compositional complexity. These bifurcations are extrinsic, visible in music notation, and hint at intrinsic neuro-phenomenological processes enabling spontaneous creativity during jazz performance. Following Francisco Varela, Rosenberg argues that a jazz musician is a cognitive multiplicity, with different time-scales operating simultaneously during performance, sometimes at cross-purposes, sometimes in synchrony. Rosenberg will contrast the dysfunctional aspects of jazz, when performers describe “getting lost,” with experiences of optimal performance, to help visualize these different time-scales. By illustrating how competing forms of time cognition seek synchrony when performing jazz Rosenberg then proposes a direct connection between jazz aesthetics and micro-politics.

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Reading Seminar: Daniel Sacilotto

The relation between modal concepts and different fields of philosophical theorization, and in particular its role for the problem of representation in philosophical history.

This presentation explores the development of modal concepts and vocabularies throughout the history of philosophy. Specifically, I trace the way in which the distinction between different kinds of modal determinations and discourse becomes central to the problem of how thinking represents a mind-independent world. Following Lorenz Puntel, Robert Brandom, James Ladyman, and Wilfrid Sellars, I show how philosophy attempts to rise to the challenge of discerning the difference yet also possible correspondence between modality as a feature of discourse and as a feature of the world, articulating formal vocabularies to the labor of natural/scientific languages in their descriptive and explanatory tasks.

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Spring Conference

Artistic Image/Scientific Imagination: Questions of the Political
Session 1 - Art and the Scientific Image: the Clash and Confluence of Natural and Mathematical Languages

Friday, April 23, 2021  |  10 am–1 pm PST 

Panelists: Bassam El Baroni, Fernando Zalamea, & Luciana Parisi
Moderator: Martin E. Rosenberg

Session 2 - Representations in Time: Art and the Politics of Scientific Imagination

Saturday, April 24, 2021  |  10 am–1 pm PST

Panelists: Anna Longo, Ida Soulard, & Thomas Moynihan 
Moderator: Daniel Sacilotto

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