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CalArts WHAP! Lecture Series Presents: Gabrielle Civil

CalArts WHAP! Lecture Series Presents Pamela Lee: 'Pattern Recognition c. 1947'

CalArts WHAP! Lecture Series Presents Bridget Crone: 'Flicker Time: Liquid Bodies and Cosmic States'

'The Stakes of Parametricism: Architecture and Politics'

'The Metaphysics of Sensation'

'The Photographic Eye, the Cinematic Eye and Moral Aesthetics'

'Fictions and Fabulations of Sentience'

Presentations by the 2014-2015 MA Aesthetics and Politics candidates

Judith Butler's Lecture: 'From Performativity to Precarity / Acts of Resistance'

Jacques Rancière's Lecture: 'Time, Narration, Politics'