The School of Critical Studies and the School of Art are pleased to support recent graduates of the MA Aesthetics and Politics Program, MFA Creative Writing Program, and the MFA Programs in Art, Art and Technology, Graphic Design and Photo & Media through the CalArts REEF Residencies.

Two students from the School of Critical Studies and two students from The School of Art will receive cost-free space in a large shared open studio from October 1, 2018 – September 15, 2019.  Recipients will also receive a modest grant to support their work.

The REEF Residency is located in the Reef building, Maker City, Downtown Los Angeles and includes two floors of studio and artists’ facilities. The residency is situated in a thriving community of artists and art industry professionals, designers and makers, and the area provides technical access to sound and video equipment rental, and printing facilities. Local cafes provide meeting grounds throughout the day and also after the many events and exhibitions that are held at the REEF. 

This fellowship expressly encourages CalArts REEF residency participants to get involved in opportunities held at the building over the year and to propose their own exhibitions, symposia, events and readings.  The REEF Residency participants are encouraged to be on site as much as possible.  The chosen participants are not required to collaborate over the duration of the residency, but it is expected that they will be prepared to share a studio space and facilities, and to remain open to the collaborative possibilities that often emerge from a shared multi-disciplinary working environment.


Alumni graduating in the year(s):

2015-2018 MA Aesthetics and Politics, School of Critical Studies

2016-2018 MFA Creative Writing, School of Critical Studies

2018 MFA Art, Art & Technology, Graphic Design and Photo/Media Programs, School of Art

Resources & Detials

The fellowship studio includes basic studio furniture, water, sinks, free wi-fi, free parking and 24-hour access to the building 7 days per week. The studio is a shared/open space with areas that can be used individually. The use of the space must be negotiated with your fellow residents on arrival. CalArts and the REEF will support any marketing of residents’ events to a wider public if desired. Each resident will receive a stipend of $5,000 paid at the beginning of the fellowship to assist in studio set up costs or other relevant studio costs.

How to Apply

Applicants should include:

  • Identify your name, the Program and the year you graduated on all application documents
  • A short 500-word statement describing your practice and the work that you seek to develop over the residency.
  • Up to 10 images of recent work and/or 2 texts of no more than 3000-words each in word format.

A short biographical statement or CV is appreciated, but not required.

There are four awards: Two residencies for alumni from the School of Art and two from the School of Critical Studies.Individual or collaborative applications are welcome.Collaborative proposals can be across disciplines (or the two schools) and should outline a proposed project.

The deadline for applications is August 31, 2018 by 5pm.

For School of Art Alumni

For School of Critical Studies Alumni

  • Please send your application as a pdf document to Alecia Menzano at
  • Email Subject heading: REEF RESIDENCY application
  • Identify your name, the program and the year you graduated from on all application documents.

Review Process

A committee made up of representatives from the two Schools will make the final decision.

Applicants will be notified of their status by mid to late September.

All successful applicants will be advertised on the CalArts website in a general press announcement, as well as other appropriate publications.

Agreement / Deposit

All residents upon appointment will be asked to sign a tenancy agreement taking on responsibility for any damage caused to the space or facilities and to be aware of the general health and safety regulations of the REEF building. Each resident will be required to pay a deposit of $300, which will be refunded following a building inspection of any damages caused at the end of the award.