Reef Residency

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CalArts is pleased to announce The Reef Residency, a one-year artist residency in downtown Los Angeles for graduated MFA and MA alumni.

The Reef Residency supports recent graduates from the MFA & MA programs at CalArts for one year in a creative and collaborative working environment. Three post-graduate students from each school receive a cost-free space in a large shared open studio for a year, along with a grant of $5,000 to support their work.

The Reef Residency is located in the Reef building, Downtown Los Angeles and includes two floors of studio and artists’ facilities. The residency is situated in a thriving community of artists and art industry professionals, designers and makers, and the area provides access to technical, sound and video equipment rental, and printing facilities.

This fellowship expressly encourages CalArts Reef residency participants to get involved in opportunities held at the building over the year and to propose their own exhibitions, symposia, events and readings. The Reef Residency participants are encouraged to be on site as much as possible. The chosen participants are not required to collaborate in making work over the duration of the residency, but they will be required to work together and collaborate on managing the studio space and for any events that are planned for the public.

How to Apply

Applications are closed for the 2024 residency.

The application window for the 2025 residency will open summer 2024. CalArts alumnx graduating in the year(s) 2022-2024 from any MFA or MA program are eligible. Applicants should complete the application form answering each question as clearly as possible. Applications outlining the proposed use of the spaces and demonstrating an ability to work within a shared studio environment are preferred.

Individual or collaborative applications are welcome. Collaborative proposals can be across disciplines or schools and all proposals should outline a proposed project or theme to be explored. Any collaborative proposals that cross schools must be submitted to one School alone.

Download REEF Application (PDF)

Resources & Details

The fellowship studio includes an 11,676 square foot open studio located on the 12th floor with basic studio furniture, water, and sinks. The Reef provides free parking and 24-hour access to the building 7 days per week. The use of each of the spaces must be negotiated with your fellow residents on arrival and throughout the year according to specific needs and projects. CalArts and the Reef will support any marketing of residents’ events to a wider public if desired. Each resident will receive a stipend of $5000 paid at the beginning of the fellowship to assist in studio set up costs or other relevant studio costs. Collaborative residences for duos are possible and the stipend would then be shared.

All residents upon appointment will be asked to sign a tenancy agreement taking on responsibility for any damage caused to the space or facilities and to be aware of the general health and safety regulations of the REEF building. Each resident will be required to pay a deposit of $500, which will be refunded following a building inspection of any damages caused at the end of the award.