Erik Mondrian on Making Art in Second Life

Since 2005, Erik Mondrian (MFA 19), a CalArts Interschool student from the Creative Writing and VoiceArts programs with a concentration in Integrated Media, has been an active resident of the online virtual world Second Life (SL). With anywhere from 700,000-800,000 active monthly users, SL is...

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Sublevel Magazine  Releases Its Third Issue, Stamina

This week, Sublevel Magazine celebrates the release of its third issue, Stamina. Based out of the CalArts School of Critical Studies, Sublevel was founded in 2016 by Maggie Nelson and Janice Lee. It describes itself as a publication “devoted to the nexus of literature, poetics, art, criticism,...

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CalArts Students Gather for Marathon Reading in Silver Lake

In the after-hours of Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, a group of CalArts students gathered at El Cid in the Silver Lake neighborhood of L.A. for several hours of poetry and prose readings. Organized by Steph Smith (Critical Studies MFA 20) with the help of Jess Wolford (Critical Studies MFA 19), the...

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