Administration and Staff

Michael Bryant
Interim Dean
Faculty, School of Critical Studies
661-255-1050 x2241

Mike Bryant is a biologist and a statistician.  His research has appeared in several scientific journals: Science, Nature, American Naturalist, Ecology, PLoS, Animal Behaviour and Environmental Biology OF Fishes.  Mike’s research interests in biology include functional anatomy,... Continue reading »

Andrew Culp
Program Director, MA Aesthetics and Politics
Faculty, School of Critical Studies
661-253-7803 x2025

Andrew Culp, PhD, serves as the Director of the MA Aesthetics and Politics program at CalArts, where he teaches Media History and Theory in the School of Critical Studies. He earned his doctorate in Comparative Studies from Ohio State University in 2013. Culp's work intersects media,... Continue reading »

Andrea Fontenot
Interim Associate Dean
Director of Undergraduate Writing Curriculum
661-255-1050 x2028

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty